Thursday, 21 September 2017

I recall counselling a nursing colleague who was, indeed a Nazi, and yet still I was fond of her. She was in a lot of trouble because she was really horrible to people...and they had made claims. Instead of retiring, she chose to stand up and make a mess of herself, legally...and I said 'Dear friend, the worse thing you can have as a nurse, or a doctor, is a clear memory. This will get you in so much trouble...simply because it is not true. You may think you recall everything perfectly, but, you don't. You don't have a good memory of the events...and events. The sole purpose of having a memory is to survive, this is why humans created ways to remember... a memory doesn't exist as anything perfect...a memory is not designed to be forensic, or even vaguely true.' But she didn't get it. She had to have her day with her flawed memory and get into even more trouble. I am not an enemy of even really bad nurses...but nor am I in solidarity with them and their very worst notions. If nursing has paid your bills for a number of decades, and you have done what you can to helpfully influence some good outcomes for some people, be at peace with that, and be at peace with the cost to you of that. This is no time to jump on the high is not a high is an ass.

On Nursing Violence: Not the violence metered out to Nurses by the public, or sometimes by the spouses of nurses, but rather the violence forms within the profession. I did a semester on this years ago at Uni, and it was a fascinating study. The violence is usually metered out to young nurses or to fringe dwellers of the trade by way of race or belief or orientation etc and is not usually physical but rather tonal, or task related so that the nurse knows exactly where they belong and don't belong in the organisation. This is done by repetition. This is called 'horizontal violence' and has been, for many decades, a method of control by some managers. As an Agency person I am a fringe dweller. Incident: Overhearing 2 nurse managers at one particularly odious establishment talking about replacing staff on leave... 'well, what we do is just order some Agency nurses for those shifts and as we get closer to the date, we usually find one or two of our own who will do the shifts, so we cancel the Agency staff. Stuff them. It keeps them lean and hungry for shifts. We definitely, absolutely, will need an Agency nurse for Thursday night, but we'll order that later.' Then I got 2 shifts a few days later at that place, and re-arranged my life to meet their needs only to have the shifts cancelled a few hours before each was to begin. Then, come Thursday, a desperate emotional appeal for an Agency nurse to fill a vacancy Thursday night... my response... 'Stuff 'em.' Interesting to see that their are still some of the traditional fuckwit knuckle-draggers who haven't left the Temple yet, and it surprising how young some of them are.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017


FILM CHINA: On the Adventure/Action side of the movies, WOLF WARRIORS 2 is pretty damn good. Massive pyrotechnics and special effects as the Chinese Military Special Ops Hero fights to save Chinese innocents working in Africa from death and torture, after the US has gone home...Brilliant cinematography, not a lot of plot...but then, that's what action films are all about, and Wolf warrior 2 is one of the best of all time, anywhere.The equal of any high potency Arnold Shwarzenegger film, except much better actors, & much higher quality directing, and much better english subtitled dialogue, and a lot more expensive to make. The quality, the direction, the filmatic delivery is this is very much a modern day saga.
At the end of the film is the visual notation...if you are Chinese, if you keep your Chinese passport, and never give it up, you will be okay in this world. You will be safe and protected. The audience here in Melbourne applauded wildly. So did I. It was a very good action film. 7/10. (I still rate Predator 10/10 in that milieu...but Wolf Warrior 2 does actually surprise you... which is different, and doesn't happen in Western films). These young bright bastards know exactly what they are doing. Compared to most films you go to the Cinema to see, anywhere on earth, this one is well worth watching...and even worth paying to see.

FILMS/ CHINESE/RECENT: COMING HOME /GONG LI/ so much grace and wonder....and MR SIX... Brilliant...These are great world films

2 great recent Chinese movies well worth seeing, and well worth the subtitles....

1. COMING mandarin....a beautiful film about a man coming back from political prison after 20 years, during the Cultural Revolution, and finding his wife with brain injury/ dementia related to his incarceration, and due to his daughter informing on him...a brilliant and charming study of love and reason in the face of adversity...and in the massive power of understanding in one small family. Fantastic film by the director of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and starring the remarkably talented Gong Li. A film of of pure grace and mastery of the

​cinematic art form.
​ It also provides an insight into the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution in one family/​
​ (Wanyi notes...well, yes, that's what it was like to grow up and through the Cultural Revolution. It was just like that).​

2. MR mandarin... A great film about the individual and the collective in modern China...the changes in the morals/ethics between generations of Beijing men. VERY much set in the present day of New China. Brilliant.. A FILM MEN WILL REALLY APPRECIATE. POWERFUL ACTING AND DIRECTION. Universally, the enduring meaning and great depth of the relationship between father and son.
It compares the relative and powerful interpersonal loyalties between Beijing men of different generations. 9/ (Wanyi notes...yes, this is exactly how traditional Beijing men are, and what drives them, and what makes sense to them, and what gives meaning to them)

Both are remarkably elegant and gentle films, highly fascinating and made with directorial brilliance, perfect timely reconstructions,  and acting gems....whilst at the same time being very profound. I love Gong Li...she is in the 4th photo, with the head injury. She's an amazing artist/actor, and the part was made, by the director, only for her.