Thursday, 13 December 2018

Garden News. The dwarf sunflowers seem to be loving the weather. There are 3 in the beginnings of bloom now, shining the sun straight back at the sun, in some sort of perpetual adoration. The 4th sunflower has 4 flower heads, shining the sun into the four directions, just like Rama does.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The Brexit thing is pretty important. The Conservative Government, under Cameron, had the remarkable arrogance, for political mastery, to set up a referendum on leaving the EU or staying, knowing that everyone would vote to stay...but then they voted to Leave. Now, May, a 'remainer' has been tasked with organising the Exit. This is insane. Meanwhile, neither Cameron or May realised the impact of this on the Ireland issue...a Unified Ireland is the only requirement for Brexit to work well...but...that can't be permitted...can't be permitted, due to the same arrogance. Without a Unified Ireland, Brexit can't happen. The vote FOR Brexit was mostly about the growing real poverty of the UK people, whilst the wealth of the globalists and London ripped through the ceiling, thus creating and concreting a severe 21st Century class system of Wealth=Merit being Better than Democracy. Well, it isn't.

It dawned on me the other day, much like a massive enlightenment, like St Paul, in the Bible, being knocked off his Moto Guzzi Rosso Corso Le Mans motorbike by God on the road to the Milan Fashion Show, that I'm not very bright. Phew. After all these years, there's a hell of a lot that I'm not actually responsible for.

Any time I have a hard time at work, I think about the plight of Theresa May. Much like going to a Hospital Burns Unit and coming out thinking, Wow, I'm glad that's not happening to me!